Our Story

Sturlasgade 14 is one of the most fiery and authentic places in the Copenhagen, and this is where our workshop and design studio are placed. In a little less polished but charming backyard, surrounded by our extended family of artists, musicians, craftsmen and even a Michelin star restaurant.

Since Københavns Møbelsnedkeri was founded in 2006 we have made furniture, kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms for both private and corporate customers around the world. We are known for our unmistakable world of ideas and enthusiasm, and our very skilled and dedicated cabinet makers are constantly looking to combine the new technological skills with traditional crafts.

We focus on high quality design, architecture and craftsmanship, and cherish the fact, that our furniture are created in Copenhagen – from concept to completion – in a design studio and workshop that work closely together. Every single product passes through the hands of our team, and if you wish to shake hands with the metal workers, who are making our brass and stainless steel details, just enter the door next to the workshop.

We welcome You in Copenhagen, in our world of handmade furniture.

The Studio

Københavns Møbelsnedkeri’s projects are recognizable by their timeless beauty, based upon a continuous focus on colors and materials and on the combination between the various tactile surfaces. Materials guide the palette of colors and harmonize with it. It’s all a question of balance and our designers are always focusing on elegant solutions to solve the modern problems.


Each furniture from Københavns Møbelsnedkeri is handcrafted in Copenhagen, combining timeless tradition and exceptional attention to detail. Extraordinary quality isn’t saved for a special occasion at Københavns Møbelsnedkeri – it’s put into every single furniture, every day. From Japanese joints to solid brass hardware, we chose luxury that lasts and can be treasured for generations to come.

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When designing directly to the end consumer, we have the opportunity to create a connection. Discover needs, influence decisions and actions. 100 years ago we had to focus on light, hygiene, indoor climate etc. Today it is about the same thing, but also about many other patterns of behavior. Where do we eat dinner? In the kitchen? In the dining room? Should anything other than cooking be possible in the kitchen? Is this also where the laptop is turned on or is this where the party always ends? Should the bedroom also be a dressing room, or does it make sense to use an entire room for a walk-in closet? This is when the custom-made furniture feels the strongest. When one can cover some very specific needs that the end user has. Create a “Happy Home”. Make sure the talk flourishes around a table that is not too big and not too small. Make sure the chair is comfortable to sit in, so guests never want to go home. We can build a kitchen that is easy and nice to work in. Where you feel like cooking. We can custom build a wardrobe, with room for exactly what the resident loves the most; shoes, suits, jeans or hats.

We are privileged to get to know if the home is full of art, heirlooms, windows or stucco and the furniture we build will work around this. The ability to make bespoke pieces, tailored to our customers individual needs, is for us, the essence of our craft: an intent to bring to life a solution that is extraordinary and respectful of each customers individuality.

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In conversation with

Partners Kim Dolva & Søren Bech Jespersen

Where are you headed?
For a long time, I felt like running in place was the worst ever, but quite recently it has become a double-edged sword. I always thought that we had to grow and move to stay motivated and to feed our ambitions. But now, we are at a point where we are trying to hold on and not let whatever we have going on, get out of our hands. Our motivation is the unpredictable. Not knowing what the next project will be. People do not work with us because we are average. They work with us because we are exceptional, at what we do, and our jobs are to get even more exceptional, at what we do. So, staying, but improving, will take us on all the journeys that we wish for.
Why hand-made? Is machine-made not good enough?
It is good enough, but better is better. It sharpens everything that every product passes through the hands of our team. Not that we deliberately go lo-fi, because we do use machines, but if we moved our production to China, we would lose our soul. We have struggled for years with foreigners not being able to pronounce our company name, Københavns Møbelsnedkeri, but literally it means that we are a joinery based in Copenhagen. We are not a design studio that could be located anywhere. Uncountable brand specialists have tried to tell us how ridiculous our name is, but it just says it all…unfortunately, only in danish.
How do you choose materials for your designs?
Our concepts are always connected to the materials. They must be. Most people like to touch wood. Natural and smooth wood surfaces are perceived more positively in emotional touch than coated surfaces. That’s just a fact. And good for us! Metal we love for the precision and the shine – stone and marble for the history. We also work with leather and fabrics. There is a great importance in bringing together the right materials, and as a designer I pay a lot of attention to this.
What is the formula for your designs?
We have no formula for our designs, but we do not produce anything unless there is a demand for it. That means looking back is a journey through a client list, that has been our motivation for every single product. Slim and elegant desks for a boutique hotel, an elevator for goods and food for a 6-storey townhouse, an extra long table for a conference room, a wooden floor with lava stone details for a restaurant etc. All projects are recognizable by their timeless beauty, based upon a continuous focus on colors and materials and on the combination between the various tactile surfaces.
We have no formula for our designs, but we do not produce anything unless there is a demand for it.
Besides your custom designs you have a collection of furniture?
Yes, next to our custom designs we have the KBH Furniture collection. We have named it KBH – short for København. This collection started out as one-offs, but are now sold in limited editions. Some are complimenting our custom build designs, by the fact that our wardrobes and kitchens have KBH Knobs and KBH Lamps, and the bathrooms have KBH Hangs and KBH Spots. These are designs that both aesthetically and materially deserve lasting recognition. They can stand the test of time and maintain its look across decades. These are the ones we predict will be the new classics. But let´s see.